DC Construction Inc.

Solar Energy Construction Projects and Civil Construction Services

Are you interested in building a solar farm or installing solar panels on your property? We can help you with all aspects of the project. Learn more about constructing solar farms here, and find out about rooftop installations for residential and commercial buildings here.

Underground Electrical Cabling is done by DC Construction for your solar farm.

Project Management and Quality Assurance

DC Construction Inc. will manage and oversee your contractors, to ensure your solar installation is done properly, taking all the important budgetary, construction and environmental factors into consideration.

Road Construction

Easy access to your construction site is essential to your business. We build roads that make transporting solar panels and other equipment simple and efficient.

Electrical Work: Cabling and Installation

Your solar farm requires high-quality electrical cabling and equipment. We dig trenches, run cables, install duct banks, and perform other services.

Pile Testing

Ensure your solar racks are installed on a solid base: DC will test your pile installations to prevent future problems.

Environmental Protection and Controls

Make sure your project is safe, sustainable, and has a minimal impact on the local environment. Our team works with silt fences, drainage tiles, and other environmental controls.

How DC Construction Inc. Supports Your Solar Project

The team at DC Construction Inc. is committed to delivering work with the highest quality and on schedule. We are able to complete any part of your project including:

  • project management,
  • civil works,
  • mechanical,
  • quality assurance
  • electrical
  • cost control

DC Construction Inc. offers contingency planning, implementation methodology, and project services–implementing an agreed-upon scope of work.