Pile Testing

Pile Testing: Put Your Solar Racks on a Strong Footing

Pile Testing procedure being carried out.
Testing the pile on a solar rack to ensure that it’s properly set.

Pile testing is one of the most important quality assurance steps that must be followed when building a solar farm.

DC applies a cost effective non-intrusive approach to load testing heaved or suspect piles, eliminating the need to remove racking and PV panels.

If the piles supporting your solar racking are not properly set, your solar array may suffer from:

  • heaving of the piles due to frost and temperature changes in the soil
  • cracked PV modules (the solar panels) due to shifting

DC Construction Inc. will pressure-test your installed piles, making sure they are correctly set, well-insulated, and will not shift or heave when the temperature changes.

Learn more about our quality assurance process.

Problem Piles on Existing Solar Farms:

Are you experiencing problems with your existing solar farm? We do remediation work as well.