Solar Farm Construction

What Is A Solar Farm?

A solar farm is a large area of land where ground-mounted solar panels are installed. The photovoltaic cells convert light to electricity, which can be fed into the government’s electrical grid, making a profit for the land owner.

I Have Land; What Are My Options?

If you have some acreage available, you have a few options as far as leveraging it for solar energy.

A. Build Your Own Solar Farm

If you have the right type of agricultural property, located in an acceptable area, you may qualify for a Feed-In Tariff Program (FIT) Contract under the Large Renewable Procurement Program offered by the Government of Ontario. DC Construction would be happy to survey your property and discuss whether a solar farm is feasible for you.

B. Lease Your Land

If you’d prefer to have someone else do the construction and maintenance work, you can consider leasing your land to someone else.

C. Put Panels on Your Roof

If your property isn’t suitable for a full farm, consider solar panels on your buildings and outbuildings instead. Find out more here.

Solar Farm Construction: done right by DC Construction Inc.
DC Construction Inc. will build your solar farm on a solid footing.