Solar Panel Foundation Remediation

Heaved Solar Panels? We Do Foundation Remediation

Let our team at DC Construction Inc. rectify your heaved solar panel or foundation problems. We have worked closely with reputable engineering firms to minimize and eliminate heaving piles, which often happens due to frost or poor workmanship. DC Construction Inc. can offer many solutions to fix the foundations of the panels on your solar farm. Contact us today to get started on your foundation remediation.

Other Remediation Services:

  • PV Module (solar panel) Repairs: if shifting or over-tightening has cracked your panels, we can replace them and fix the underlying cause.
  • Racking Repairs: we can re-align your solar panel racks, if they’re no longer uniform.
  • Access Road and Ditch Remediation: we can fix and maintain your roadways and water diversion setup.
  • DC Cable Repairs: if your electrical system has been damaged, we can assess and repair it.
  • E-House Repairs: we’ll fix your electrical housing.
  • Rodent Control: if you have rats or mice damaging your wiring, we can evict them and secure your electrical systems.